Business Solutions

The Primary Focus

Sirius Global Solutions focuses upon the acquisition of runoff insurance and reinsurance companies as well as loss portfolio transfers, novations and other reinsurance solutions for discontinued lines of business. We offer solutions to owners who wish to fully and finally exit a business, to eliminate past exposures and to extract trapped capital.


Exit Visas

It's hard to move forward when you can't escape the past. Nowhere is this more true than in the business of insurance. In an industry focused on protecting the future, the burden of dedicating significant resources to dealing with the problems of the past may be crippling. Our management team specializes in evaluating runoff companies and negotiating and structuring innovative transactions that provide a permanent exit.


Elimination of Burdens From The Past

Insurance and reinsurance contracts written a half century ago continue to give rise to unexpected and potentially catastrophic risks. Risks that often determine whether a company succeeds or fails. From risk managers burdened by the drag of a company's self-insured workers' compensation liabilities to insurance company executives faced with a portfolio of environmental liabilities that seems to only grow larger, these problems of the past demand solutions.


Extraction of Capital

Capital once invested in insurance or reinsurance entities is very difficult to access. Our acquisition structures allow owners to extract trapped capital and reallocate it from runoff businesses to core operations.